Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 Heaven help the fatefully frustrated!

Do you know how it is to be frustrated?? Well, if you dont know, then I guess you are from some other planet and belong to a non-homo-sapien race. Frustration is most prbably the most frustrating human emotion to deal with. Let me try and define frustration for you in an Indian web-based context. Thanks to the speed of the net connection, you have been waiting anxiously for 10 minutes for a video (which you badly want to watch) to load in youtube. And just when its about to get done, Chrome crashes. Can you imagine how that would feel?? Or like when the internet connection fails when the file your downloading from Rapidshare is 90% done?? Well, thats frustration for you.

PS- In case you are wondering... No, this post wasnt instigated by a failed download or a failed video watch!!


  1. I request permission to use images that are posted on your article, because the pictures you post good and I need it

  2. Sure thing. They are not *my* works. I just found them, thats all.



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